RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for January 8, 2022

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1.   Changes to RAC Board and Executive effective January 1st, 2022

Glenn MacDonnell, VE3XRA, has completed the maximum three consecutive two-year terms as President and former RAC Ontario South Director Phil McBride VA3QR/VA3KPJ, is the new RAC President.

RAC Directors Ernest Clintberg, VE6EC, (Alberta, Northwest Territories and Nunavut Region) and Phil A. McBride, VA3QR/VA3KPJ (Ontario South) have completed their maximum terms as Directors.

Doug Mercer, VO1DM and Richard Ferch, VE3KI, have both completed their tenures as Vice-President and Regulatory Affairs Officer respectively. Former Ontario North/East Director Allan Boyd, VE3AJB, is the new Vice-President and former Member Services Officer and previous Atlantic Director Dave Goodwin, VE3KG, is the new Regulatory Affairs Officer.

Former Deputy Director Stephen Lee, VA6SGL, is the new Alberta/NWT/NU Director and Barry Brousseau, VE3SLD, is the new Ontario South Director. In addition, former Deputy Director Pat Dopson, VE3VC, is the new Ontario North/East Director and is completing the remaining year in Allan Boyd’s term.

RAC would like to thank everyone for their significant contributions to the organization and to the Amateur Radio Service, not just in the previous six years but all of the years they have dedicated in their lifetimes.

-- Alan Griffin, RAC MarCom Director

2. Registration now underway for the Advanced Qualification course!

Radio Amateurs of Canada is once again offering an online Advanced Qualification Amateur Radio Course so that individuals can upgrade their qualifications while continuing to practise social/physical distancing.

With your Advanced Certificate, you can run higher power, operate a remotely-controlled station, obtain operating privileges when travelling overseas, set up repeaters, be the trustee for club stations and even become an Accredited Examiner (AE) if you also have the Morse Code qualification.

Students will be able to choose one of the following two options:

·        Sunday afternoons from 3 pm to 5 pm EDT (12 pm to 2 pm PDT) starting on Sunday, February 27 and ending on Sunday, May 16.


·        Monday evenings from 8:30 pm to 10:30 pm EDT (5:30 pm to 7:30 pm PDT) starting on Monday, February 28 and ending on Monday, May 17

-- see the RAC website for full details.



3.  ARRL Surveying Field Day Participants

The ARRL Programs and Services Committee is seeking input from stations and groups that participated in ARRL Field Day 2020 and 2021. The committee said the survey results may help shape the development of Field Day rules for 2022 and beyond. The survey has already been sent via email to some 13,000 Field Day participants, more than 2,400 Affiliated Clubs, and to the CQ-Contest and VHF-Contesting Reflectors.

Field Day participants may copy this URL into a web browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/2022--ARRL-FIELD-DAY-SURVEY.

The survey will close on January 17, 2022.

-- arrl website

4.  A ham radio antenna that fits almost anywhere

Peter Waters G3OJV knows the pain of trying to operate a ham radio transmitter on a small lot. His recent video shows how to put up a workable basic HF antenna in a small backyard. The center of the system is a 49:1 unun. An unun is like a balun, but while a balun goes from balanced line to an unbalanced antenna, the unun has both sides unbalanced.

The tiny unun costs well under $50 and covers the whole HF band at up to 200 W. The video shows the inside of the box which, as you’d expect, is a toroid with a few turns of wire.

The proposed antenna is an end-fed dipole fed with the unun. These are somewhat controversial with some people swearing they can’t work and others saying they are amazing. We are guessing they may not outperform a perfect antenna system, but we also know that you can have a lot of fun with almost any kind of radiator.

-- See the video on Hackaday at

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