RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Dec 11th, 2021

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada


1.   Iceland radio hams use of 1850-1900 kHz renewed for 2022

Iceland's IRA reports the telecommunications agency Fjarskiptastofa has approved
the request to renew the authorisation for amateur radio use of 1850-1900 kHz in 2022

The authorization is only granted during the specified ten 160m competitions and
G-licensees are authorized to use full power, up to 1kW. N-licensees enjoy the same
frequency rights, but the power limit is based on a maximum of 10W.
It is sufficient to send one application which is thus valid for all 10 competitions in the year 2022.

Board of IRA.  -https://tinyurl.com/IARU-Iceland

2.  Ham radio exams in Austria cancelled

The pandemic has forced cancellation of amateur radio exams in Austria as well as the
popular Christmas Electronics and Radio Flea Market planned for Dec 11

Amateur radio exams in Austria are oral with amateurs asking candidates questions about
the hobby. Unlike the UK, USA and Canada there is no capability to take the exam online.

Austria has 3 categories of license:
Class 3 Entry Level - 100 watts 144/430 MHz
Class 4 CEPT Novice - 100 watts 1.8/3.5/21/28/144/430 MHz
Class 1 CEPT HAREC 400w all bands, Clubs can run 1 kW

-- https://tinyurl.com/IARU-Austria


3.    ONTARS Santa Net reminder (3755kHz)

Dec 17th @ 1700 Local
Dec 18th @ 1800 Local
-- Ontars Newsletter


4.   Ham Radio University Going Virtual Again

With COVID-19 uncertainties precluding an in-person gathering for a second
year, the 23rd annual Ham Radio University educational conference will be
held as a virtual event again this year, on Saturday, January 8, 1300 – 2000 UTC
as an online GoToWebinar videoconference.
HRU 2022 will have a total of 19 presentations by experts in a broad range
of amateur radio activities, including Amateur Radio Emergency Communications;
Basics of HF Operating; Ham Radio Contesting and DXing; Communicating
through Amateur Radio Earth Satellites; Software-Defined Radios; HF and VHF Digital
Communications; Parks on the Air; SKYWARN; Cables and Connectors,
and Using RaspberryPi Computers in Amateur Radio.
Founded by Phil Lewis, N2MUN (SK), HRU also will serve as the online
convention of the ARRL NYC-Long Island Section. As in past years, participation
in HRU 2022 is free; an optional donation $5 is suggested.
Additional information is online, including the schedule of forums and the required
advance registration starting December 20.
-- arrl website

5.  WSJT-X Development Group Partner Bill Somerville, G4WJS, SK

A key member of the WSJT-X development group — where FT8 and other
cutting-edge digital amateur radio technology has originated — has died.
Bill Somerville, G4WJS, was reported to have passed away.
He was in his mid-60s, and his death was unexpected. The development group
founder, Joe Taylor, K1JT, called Somerville “a dear friend and very close
colleague.” Taylor said that Somerville was the first to join with him in 2013
to form a core development group for WSJT-X, then in its digital infancy.
Somerville collaborated with Taylor and Steve Franke, K9AN — the third
member of the WSJT-X development group — to author articles for QST
and QEX about FT8 and other digital modes in the WSJT-X suite. They also
received the Dayton Hamvention® Technical Achievement Award in 2020,
and the ARRL Doug DeMaw, W1FB, Technical Excellence Award in 2021.
Professionally, Somerville was a software engineer who worked mainly as a
C++ system software developer, as he explained on his QRZ profile. As
an active radio amateur, he also applied his expertise to such projects as
setting up an SO2R (single operator, two radio) station and enhancing his
station’s automated processes.
Rest in peace, dear friend G4WJS.
-- Joe, K1JT

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