RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for November 20, 2021


1. France: Ham radio exam and operator certificate are now free

National Frequency Agency, ANFR, site carries an announcement that the amateur
radio exam and the operator certificate will now be free of charge

A translation states:
"Participation in the examination for the operator certificate of amateur services
as well as the issuance of this certificate are now free of charge. This is
effective from 2021. "If you have paid your examination fee for the amateur
radio certificate to ANFR and you are eligible for reimbursement, you will soon
receive a letter detailing the documents to be provided in order to be

-- https://www.anfr.fr/licences-et-autorisations/radioamateurs/actualites/

2. Solo DXpeditioner Says Operating from Crozet is Limited by Nature

The recent announcement of a pending 3-month DXpedition to activate Crozet Island
in 2022 – 2023 has generated enthusiasm within the DX community. The point person
for the planned event, Thierry Mazel, F6CUK, wants to temper any overblown
expectations, as demand will be extremely high for the third most-wanted DXCC
entity. Thierry says nature-related factors, including climate, will dictate
the manner in which the DXpedition takes place.

“The only possibility that the administration allowed, was to have an antenna
attachment point to an existing building and have wire antennas from there.”
“No beam! This is clearly stated in the permit we received.”

The 2022 – 2023 DXpedition has not announced its call sign, which will not be made
public in advance. The solo DXpedition is anticipated to cost as much as $58,000.

The Twitter account is @crozet2022, and a website is expected to be online soon.
When it’s up and running, it will include details of how donated funds will be
applied. Thierry has pledged that all contributions will be refunded if the
operation does not take place.

-- arrl news


Dayton Hamvention 2022 is not just going to be a premier hamfest but a reunion,
as organizers prepare for the first gathering at the Xenia Fairground and Expo Center
in Ohio after two years of cancellations. Hamvention's general chairman Rick Allnut
WS8G said in a phone interview that committees have been meeting and volunteers are
committed to making up for the time lost to pandemic cancellations.

Hamvention will be happening on Friday May 20th through Sunday May 22nd with an
international reception scheduled on Thursday May 19th. Rick said the registration
site is already taking bookings from vendors and inside exhibitors and individual
visitors can already buy their tickets. All details are available on the
hamvention.org website. RIck said: "Tickets are all printed and ready to go."

-- amateur radio newsline



4. Hacking Ham Radio for Texting - "HamMessenger"

HamMessenger is a arduino package that uses a VHF ham radio and the APRS protocol
as a medium to send and receive text messages.
The article appears in the December 2021 print issue iof IEEE Spectrum magazine
as "Phone-Free Texting."
or see the Github page at https://github.com/dalethomas81/HamMessenger
for the program and hardware requirements.

-- Southgate news

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