RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for October 9, 2021


1.   New VP0 prefix for Falkland Islands dependencies.

Due to an administrative oversight in the new Falkland Islands Communications
Ordinance implemented in 2017, new VP8 licenses for use in the former Falkland
Islands Dependencies have not been available for some years now.

After several months of protracted negotiations with Ofcom, the Falkland Islands
Communications Regulator and the Governments of both South Georgia & South Sandwich
Islands and British Antarctic Territory, there has been a major break-through and
Ofcom has finally authorized the use of a new prefix for these former Dependencies
as a solution to this oversight.

The existing VP8 prefix will then apply exclusively to the Falkland Islands only.
The new VP0 prefix will apply to the following DXCC entities:
 1. British claimed sector of the Antarctic mainland, including the Antarctic
    Peninsula & nearby islands
 2. South Orkney Islands
 3. South Shetland Islands
 4. South Georgia
 5. South Sandwich Islands

In the meantime, all existing VP8 callsigns as previously assigned under the old
Falkland Islands Communications Ordinance for use in the former Dependencies
(such as VP8PJ) remain valid for use until the associated licenses are revalidated
and assigned new VP0 callsigns.

For further details, see the draft policy at:

-- via OPDX

2. Data on Number of Radio Amateurs Worldwide Needs Updating

The oft-cited figure of 3 million radio amateurs worldwide may need updating.
That number was what the International Amateur Radio Union published in 2000
for the global head count.

Data available elsewhere for a few major countries shows a steady decline in
radio amateurs since 2000, with the exception of the US, where ham licenses
number some 780,000 in 2021. Japan’s ham radio population has dropped
by more than 600,000 over the past 2 decades; as of 2015, it was 435,581.
China boasts more than 174,000 radio amateurs as of 2021. According to 2018
statistics, Thailand has 101,763 hams; the UK has 75,660, and Canada has 70,198.

But, the specific size of the worldwide amateur radio population remains
open to speculation, although a 2021 figure of 1.75 million may be closer
to the truth.

-— Thanks to Southgate Amateur Radio News, other sources



3. Radio operators demonstrate how to communicate when disaster strikes

Amateur radio operators in central Illinois held a practice session Saturday
October 2nd to demonstrate how to keep up communication when disaster strikes.
Peoria County's Amateur Radio Emergency Service held the session in Alpha Park.
There, they communicated with other radio operators all around the country.

Organizers say if cell phones, landlines, and the internet go down during a
storm or something worse, radio is the next best option - and a great way to
communicate with the Red Cross and other rescue agencies.

-- Watch the video at

-- southgate news

4. North American QRP CW Club special event

The North American QRP CW Club (NAQCC) runs the special event callsign
N3A from locations in the USA and Puerto Rico to mark the club's 17th

QRV from October 10th to 16th.
QSL via KK1X.

info at:     http://www.naqcc.info/main_n3a.html


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