RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for October 2, 2021

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1. HF Band Plan review

Over the past 18 months a proposal for an IARU HF Digital Mode reorganization
has been undertaken by representatives of all three IARU Regions

IARU-R1 reports:  The objectives were to review the data modes usage of the
Amateur Radio HF spectrum and propose changes that:
• Reduce inter-mode conflict between dissimilar operating modes; and
• Facilitate the expansion of new technologies.

In conducting the review it was realized that it was necessary to update the manner
in which the IARU creates its band plans. Accordingly, the IARU’s band planning
definition toolkit were redefined, and additional data mode definition characteristics
has been added to help separate activities that are fundamentally incompatible
within the data mode family.

With the band planning process updated, the proposal then revised the band plans of
all three IARU Regions, focusing on the data sub-bands and taking into consideration:
• Popularity and capacity requirements; and
• Existing band users and inter-mode compatibility assessments.

The team also took the opportunity to harmonize the band plans of all three IARU
Regions to the greatest extent possible of course.

The proposal is now being discussed in the relevant committees.

-- Source IARU Region 1 https://iaru-r1.org/


2.  Kingston Amateur Radio club Hamfest

Date    :  Saturday, October 16, 2021
Location:  Royal Canadian Legion Branch 560,  734 Montreal St, Kingston ON
Times    :  Vendors: 8:00 AM --- General Admission: 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Cost    :  $5 General Admission
Talk-in :  VE3KBR 146.94 (-) Tone 151.4
Details :  Ham Radio gear ONLY.
       NOTE-Full COVID protocols will be in effect You MUST WEAR A MASK within
       the grounds and maintain social distancing at all times.
E-Mail  :  greg.foster @ sympatico.ca

-- RAC Events


3. Amateur Radio Volunteers Assist in Major US Cycling Event

On September 11, some 115 amateur radio volunteers from five states provided
communication support for LoToJa, the longest single-day USA Cycling sanctioned
bicycle event in the U.S. and now in its 39th year. Starting in Logan, Utah,
the 203-mile course ends in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, taking cyclists through
northeastern Utah, southeastern Idaho, and western Wyoming in the process.
The race attracts thousands of applicants, and 1,700 competed this year.
The event generates more than $2 million a year for Huntsman Cancer Foundation.
The race deploys four command centers and multiple repeaters.

Prior to the event, Race Director Brent Chambers told the Cache Valley Daily that
“This year’s race will have 600 course volunteers, which includes 150 ham radio
operators and helpers.They provide uninterrupted communication throughout LoToJa’s
mountainous and remote terrain.”

“We take two portable repeaters to the top of mountains, and we deploy multiple
APRS digipeaters,” explained Kevin Reeve, N7RXE, who is the coordinator of amateur
radio operators and communications systems for LoToJa. “All ham vehicles run APRS,
and we have APRS and a radio operator with the race director and race official.
Our goal is the help the cyclists, their support crews, and their families have
a safe and enjoyable event.”
In all, nine repeaters and several simplex frequencies are used throughout the event.

-- arrl news

4. Solar Cycle 25 numbers for Sept. 2021

Sept 2021 is winding down and here is a preview of the Solar Numbers we can expect
soon. The Solar Flux for Sept looks to be 86.5 Measured and 88 adjusted. This is
the second highest readings of the new Solar Cycle topped only by the dramatic
run-up last November.
The current ramp-up in Solar Activity will easily blast through these numbers in
October. In the closing 36 hours of Sept. the 10.7 cm had jumped up 12 points
to 101 and was rising fast as this report was being typed up.

The Smoothed Sunspot Number (SSN) for Sept is 46 (New Scale) 32 (Old Scale).
September's Sunspot Numbers are easily the highest of the new Solar Cycle thus far.

On Sept 14th Scott MacIntosh from the National Center for Atmospheric Research
announced that he expects the termination event concluding Cycle 24 is imminent and
a rapid run-up in Solar Activity to commence in Mid-November. Solar Minimum was
recorded in November 2019, the last SC24 sunspot was observed in July 2020, the
last un-numbered SC24 Active Region was observed on August 14, 2021.
It appears that Cycle 24 is over.

-- southgate news

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