RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for September 04, 2021


1.  Schedule of events for RAC Canada 2021 Conference - Sunday Sept 19th

A Fireside Chat with the Leaders of the IARU, ARRL, RSGB and RAC: 12 to 1 pm ET
"Amateur Radio during the Global Pandemic" and other topics

First breakout session: 1 pm to 1:50 pm ET - Amateur Radio Research and Development
•Reception of Non-Amateur Satellites
•VLF Experiments on 8 kHz
•5 MHz Propagation Research
•3D Printing for Amateur Radio

Second breakout session: 2 pm to 2:50 pm ET - Competitive Amateur Radio
•Leading Canadians at the World Radiosport Team Championship (WRTC 2023)
•Quebec Parks On The Air and RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge
•VHF+ Contest Roving and Microwave Hilltopping
•LiFePO4 Batteries – Comparisons and Applications

Third breakout session: 3 pm to 3:50 pm ET - Amateur Radio Outreach
•RAC and our Regulator Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada –
    The Road to Protecting Canadian Amateur Radio Spectrum.
•Canadian Forces Affiliate Radio System (CFARS)
•Royal Canadian Sea Cadet Corps and Amateur Radio
•Canadian University Cubesats: VIOLET and ALEASAT

RAC AGM Starts at 4:00 pm ET
-- for more info see the RAC website.

2. Ham radio operators make a difference in disaster

TV station KTUL reports many in Louisiana are still without power and cell service
following Hurricane Ida but one form of communication that's been helping folks for
decades, ham radio, is still able to make those vital calls
Ham radio isn't reliant on WiFi or cell service. Just devoted operators.

Paul Teel WB5ANX, an emergency coordinator for Tulsa County and part of the Tulsa
Amateur Radio Club, said when he checked last Monday more than half the state
of Louisiana
was without cell signal.

"The Tulsa Emergency Management Agency would be likely the lead agency if there's
a county-wide disaster and we're going to take our instructions from TEMA," he said.
"It's important to note that we do not deploy on our own, we only deploy when requested."

-- Watch a video of the TV news item and read the full story at



3. ARRL Responds to Story of Radio Amateur Told to Remove His Antenna

ARRL has responded to an Orlando, Florida, news story on August 23, 2021 by WFTV
Channel 9 alleging a radio amateur was told to remove his antenna by the management
of his subdivision following a complaint made by a neighbor.

The news story appears to stem from a 2-year-old complaint from a neighbor who
believed her insulin pump had malfunctioned due to the radio amateur’s nearby operations.

Medical devices such as insulin pumps are regulated by the US Food & Drug Administration
specifically for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) purposes and are expected to be
capable of operating in all the RF environments likely to be encountered by consumers.

There is an FDA recall for the model number of the insulin pump in question, in
approximately the same time frame as the complaint was made. There is no actual evidence
connecting the amateur’s transmissions to operation of the insulin pump. The amateur
agreed to run tests to establish whether there was a cause and effect, but the neighbor

-- full story on arrl news website

4. CQ-DATV magazine to close after 100 issues

The popular Digital Amateur Television magazine CQ-DATV will publish its final
edition in September. The free magazine is produced every month by Ian G8IQU,
Trevor G8CJS, Terry VK5TM and Jim KH6HTV.

In the 8 years of the magazine there have been in excess of half a million downloads,
which makes it the most widely read ATV publication.

CQ-DATV 100 will be published next month and then we are going to rest this work. We
have proved the demand is there and we have brought the ATV community closer together
and proved that the support of a monthly magazine, freely available to everyone, is of
immense value.

The Facebook site will continue, the library will be maintained for at least another 12
months and possibly longer. It’s a cost that has come out of Ian’s personal pocket.

The magazines can be downloaded free from https://cq-datv.mobi/ebooks.php

CQ-DATV on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/groups/285807174898375

-- southgate news

This concludes this week's bulletin.

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Posted by: Paul Caccamo <va3pc @ rac.ca>