RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for August 14th, 2021


1. First RAC Portable Challenge “Coureur des bois” Certificates Awarded

Congratulations to Nicolas Gagnon, VE2NCG, Chris Bisaillion, VE3CBK and
Pierre Jolin, VE2GT. They are the first Amateurs to earn “Coureur des bois”
certificates in the RAC Canadian Portable Operations Challenge.

During the first month of the RAC Challenge, Nick, Chris and Pierre each
earned a Bronze certificate for deploying their portable stations 25 times.
Nick went on to earn the first Silver award for 50 portable operations.
There are at least two other Amateurs close to earning their own Bronze awards.

The operations challenge was conceived to recognize and reward portable
operations from locations in Canada.

Well over 200 portable operations have been reported by Amateurs in seven
provinces during the first month of the program.

Please see https://www.rac.ca/rac-challenge/ for more information on the RAC Challenge.

-- RAC website



2. Raspberry Pi HF SDR Transceiver

Cheap, easy to use SDR dongles are an immensely powerful tool for learning about
radio technology. However, building your own SDR is not something too many hackers
are confident to tackle. Ashhar Farhan VU2ESE hopes to change this with the sBITX,
a hackable HF SDR transceiver designed around the Raspberry Pi.

In his talk, he first goes over the available open source SDR radios, and then
delves into his design decisions for the sBITX. One of the primary goals of the
project was to lower the barrier of entry. To do this, he chose the Raspberry Pi
as base, and wrote C code that anyone who has done a bit of Arduino programming
should be able to understand and modify.

Read the full story and watch the video at:

3.  ARRL make online RF exposure calculator available

Under the new FCC rules, some U.S. amateurs need to perform routine station
evaluations to ensure that their stations comply with the RF exposure rules.
This can be as simple as running an online calculator to determine the minimum
safe distance between any part of your antenna and areas where people might be
exposed to RF energy from your station. Although amateurs can make measurements
of their stations, evaluations can also be done by calculation.

The FCC guidelines already incorporate two tiers of exposure limits based on
whether exposure occurs in an occupational or “controlled” situation, or whether
the general population is exposed or exposure is in an “uncontrolled” situation.

To make this easy for amateurs, ARRL now provides an RF exposure calculator on
its RF Exposure page. To use the calculator, enter your transmit peak-envelope
power (PEP) and operating mode, and answer the questions about the maximum
amount of time you might be transmitting. The calculator will give you the
minimum distance people must be from your antenna to limit exposure.
You can print the results and keep them in your station records.

Online RF Exposure Calculator Page http://arrl.org/rf-exposure-calculator

-- arrl news

4. Alaskan Parks On The Air activation

DeWayne/W4FDT and Doug/N4DJR will be flying  to Alaska on August 11th, to meet
up with Jeramy/KL7EC and Eric/KL5BO for an 800 mile interior Alaska POTA
(Parks On The Air) activation.

They have a list of around 25 parks that they are going to attempt to activate.
However, the team suspects that they won't be able to activate all POTAs, but they
will be able to activate a good majority of them, and will be focusing on those
that haven't been activated before.

Their callsigns that will be used are KL7EC, KL5BO, W4FDT/KL7 and N4DJR/KL7.
Operators will be spotting themselves on the POTA spotting page at
(http://pota.app), and will be using JS8 call and WinLink E-mail to get their
spots out to the page.

Operations will take place between August 13-15th. If you are a park hunter,
this will be your time to get some parks in the log that may not ever be activated
again or if you just need Alaska for your WAS, then they are going to be available
for you also.

-- southgate news

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