RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Jul 10th, 2021




1. Slovenian 30 Years of Independence Award

The Slovenian Amateur Radio Union will celebrate the country's 30 years of
Independence by issuing a special award. It will be eligible to all amateur radio
enthusiasts all over the World.

For this event only, which started at the end of June and is running until
December 31st 2021, 23:59 UTC, the Slovenian amateur radio stations can use
special call signs. Those will add the number '30' into the suffix.
For example: S50ZZ will be S5030ZZ, S51A will be S5130A,
S57XXX will be S5730XXX etc.

In order to obtain the award a foreign amateur radio station must have at least 30
contacts with a S5 stations (regular and special call signs apply), out of which
10 or more with special prefixes ('30'). The use of any band/mode counts for the

Send the log - list of contacts (date, time, call, band and mode) to the following
e-mail address: scc /at/ hamradio.si. The same email also applies for any possible

The award will be issued in electronic form and will be downloadable as a PDF file
from the website of Slovenia Contest Club.


2. Ham radio helping lifelong hobbyists stay mentally fit in old age

Australia's ABC News has an excellent article on the benefits of amateur radio in
old age - which says: It comes with all the benefits of social media but without
'any of the downsides' and one of Australia's oldest ham radio enthusiasts
says it is also the perfect hobby for retirees looking to stay mentally sharp.

West Australian-based Norman Gomm took to ham radio over forty years ago
and now aged 82 has no intention of signing off just yet.

"Ham radio requires a lot of cognitive skills and a lot of understanding
technology, so I find that's very good for keeping me active."

Operating under the call sign of 'Victor Kilo Six, Golf Oscar Mike,' Mr Gomm
is able to converse with fellow ham radio enthusiasts "in just about any country
on earth" depending on the time of day.

"On the international frequencies, the conversation tends to be a bit limited
so we stick to topics like the weather and discussing equipment, but the thrill
of it lies in making contact with someone on the other side of the planet."

Read the full ABC News item, and watch the video at:

-- thanks to Graham, VK4BB  for the above information

3. The July-August Communicator from the Surrey Amateur Radio Club

110 Pages of Projects, News, Views and Reviews, the July - August Communicator is
now available for viewing or download at http://bit.ly/SARC21Jul-Aug

Read in over 130 countries now, we bring you Amateur Radio news from the SW corner
of Canada and elsewhere

-- https://ve7sar.blogspot.com/

4. St. Helena Island

Gerry, G3WIP (VK0GB, VK4BGL, VP8DPD), has now received his callsign and will be
active as ZD7GB from the main village of Jamestown on St. Helena Island (AF-022).

He is there working as a doctor on the island until September 6th.

Activity will be during his free/spare time on 40-10 meters using SSB and FT8/FT4.
Gerry also brought his QO-100 satellite gear with him. His equipment is a FT857 and
Atlas-210. Antennas are a vertical that tunes on 20 meter as well as a longwire.

QSL details are not figured out yet.


This concludes this week's bulletin.

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