RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Jun 26th, 2021

1. Radio Amateurs of Canada Invites Participation in the RAC Canada Day Contest

Here’s a chance to enjoy an operating event that is not on a weekend.
Help Canada celebrate its birthday on the air during the RAC Canada Day Contest
on Thursday, July 1. The RAC Contest Committee is asking all participants in
the 2021 Canada Day Contest to follow guidelines provided by government
and health officials in their respective areas for any multioperator categories.

The Canada Day Contest begins on July 1, 0000 UTC (the evening of Wednesday,
June 30, in North American time zones) and continues through 2359 UTC.
Bands include 160, thru 2 meters, CW and phone.
Canada’s 10 provinces and three territories serve as multipliers for the event.

-- see the RAC website for full information.

2. New RAC Contest Log Submission System

The Radio Amateurs of Canada Contests and Awards Committee (RAC-CAC)
is pleased to announce the implementation of a new contest log submission
system designed to allow you to directly submit a Cabrillo-based log file as
your contest entry for both the RAC Canada Day Contest and the
RAC Canada Winter Contest.

The web-based application and its homepage interactively walks you through
the process of submitting your log. The system also provides a helpful Frequently
Asked (FAQ) questions page for those that need additional instructions about
entry categories and answers to general questions regarding those categories.

This system will be available commencing with the RAC Canada Day Contest on
July 1, 2021.

For 2021 we will still accept email logs via the published email addresses
but will be looking to phase that method out in 2022.

The new submission page can be found at https://contest.rac.ca/

Should you encounter any issues with the system, please report any issues directly
to Bart Ritchie, VE5CPU at ve5cpu@rac.ca

-- rac website



3. 13 Colonies Special Event Set for July 1 - 7

The 13th running of the popular 13 Colonies Special Event will take place July 1 - 7.
A series of 1 × 1 call signs (K2A - K2M) will represent each of the original colonies
in North America. The event begins at 1300z on July 1 and ends at 0400z July 7.

This year, some French stations will be joining, in recognition of the French Navy's
importance in the 1700s as part of the France-Britain global competition. TM13COL
will be a bonus station, as will GB13COL and WM3PEN in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania,
named after land-grant grantee William Penn, the colony's founder. Of course,
Philadelphia is where the US founding fathers met.

Last year, the Special Event's 13 stations made 202,000 contacts. Each QSL card will
be different, including the three bonus stations, each bearing a representative
image of a ship.

-- arrl letter

4. North Pole Contest Group in Alaska

A team of operators from the NPCG will activate W1AW/KL7 from Alaska between July 9-13th.

Wigi, KL0R, Station Manager of the North Pole Contest Group, reports they are currently
planning to have four station locations in Alaska, including KL7RA in Kenai, KL2R in
Fairbanks/Two Rivers, KL7AA in Anchorage, and one more station, most likely in Homer.

Activity will be on various HF bands (as many bands and modes as possible, plus EME),
including activity in the IARU HF Championship (July 10-11th) as HQ Station.

QSL via W1AW, LoTW or ClubLog


This concludes this week's bulletin.
Posted by: Paul Caccamo <va3pc @ rac.ca>