RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Jun 12th, 2021


1. New IARU-R1 HF band plan released

IARU Region 1 (Europe and Africa) have released an HF band plan and annex
incorporating changes agreed at the General Conference in October.

The band plan comprises 2 pages, as does the explanatory annex. It can be
seen at https://www.iaru-r1.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/hf_r1_bandplan.pdf

-- Source IARU-R1 https://www.iaru-r1.org/2021/hf-band-plan-revised/

2. CANWARN 2021 and Beyond Report (June 9th)

CANWARN (CANadian Weather Amateur Radio Network) is a network of volunteer
Amateur Radio operators who observe and report both winter and summer
severe weather conditions.

Jason Tremblay, VE3JXT, RAC Community Services Officer, and Geoff Coulson,
Warning Preparedness Meteorologist, discussed the past, present and future
of CANWARN which like everything else has been impacted by the global pandemic.
A question and answer session followed.

There were over 250 participants in the June 9th session. It was recorded for
future viewing on the RAC youtube channel.
See the Canwarn webpage on the RAC website for further information.

-- VA3PC notes.



3.  Aluminium-Ion battery development

The Graphene Manufacturing Group in Brisbane, Australia together with the
University of Queensland have according to the GMG website developed a Graphene
Aluminium-Ion Battery energy storage technology that has up to three times the
capacity of a lithium-ion battery and can charge up to sixty times faster.

The battery was created by inserting aluminium atoms into perforations made
in graphene planes.  The company claims that because the batteries lack an upper
Ampere limit that would otherwise cause spontaneous overheating, the batteries
are also safer. The stable base materials also facilitate their recycling later.

The company hopes to bring these cells to market by the end of 2021 or early 2022


-- southgate radio news

4. New Contest Hotel location for 2022

Contest-related activities that have previously taken place at the Crowne Plaza
Hotel during Dayton Hamvention are moving to the Hope Hotel beginning in 2022.

In May 2022, look for four nights of the Contest Super Suite, Contest University,
The Top Band Dinner, The Contest Dinner and the KC DX Club CW copying competition.
There may be additional related events as well.

The Hope Hotel is an excellent facility, well suited for Contesters and DXers.
There is plenty of parking and it is located closer to the Hamvention than the
downtown Dayton hotels. The Hope Hotel is adjacent to the Wright-Patterson Air
Force Base. Guests do not go through the base security gate.

We have spent almost two years working on this project and we believe you will
enjoy the change of venue.

-- Dayton Hamvention committee

This concludes this week's bulletin.

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Posted by: Paul Caccamo <va3pc @ rac.ca>