RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for May 1st, 2021


1. World Radiosport Team Competition postponed Until 2023

At the WRTC 2022 Association Assembly on April 23, the event’s Organizing Committee
decided to put off WRTC until 2023 after consulting with the WRTC Sanctioning Committee.

"There have been no changes in the qualification process or to the overall structure
of the event and its sponsoring committee,” said the announcement from WRTC 2022
Organizing Committee President Carlo de Mari, IK1HJS. “A detailed report on the
qualification standings will be prepared and released at a later date. In
consideration of the worldwide public health challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic,
we believe our decision is reasonable.”

-- ARRL News



2. Visalia DX Convention 2021

Many DXers have a visit to the Visalia DX Convention on their wish list. This year,
the 72nd meeting of this famous International DX Convention, sponsored by the
Northern California DX Club (NCDXC) will be held on Saturday, May 15 and
Sunday, May 16, via Zoom webinars.
Registration is now open at dxconvention.com.

Participants will be able to attend eight DX-related webinars on Saturday,
eight vendor webinars on Sunday and will be eligible for door prizes.
All webinars will be recorded and posted later to the NCDXC website.
Advance registration is required to obtain the login details.

-- Southgate News

3. Amateur Radio Credited with Rescue of Back-Country Hiker in Tennessee

A back-country hiker was rescued from Great Smoky Mountains National Park with
assistance from amateur radio after she became exhausted on the trail and possibly
dehydrated. A member of the hiking group on the park’s Little RiverTrail,
Tim Luttrell, KA9EBJ, put out a call on the evening of April 11 via the W4KEV
linked VHF repeater in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, requesting assistance in extricating
the injured member. No cell phone service was available at the location, and
Luttrell’s signal was spotty at times, owing to the mountainous terrain.

Responding was David Manuel, W5DJR, who obtained more information and called 911,
which routed the call to Great Smoky Mountains National Park Emergency Medical
Service. The national park EMS relayed through Manuel a request for the group to
continue down the trail as far as possible to shorten the rescue time.

Manuel maintained occasional contact with Luttrell, who indicated that all was
well but his battery was low and that he would power down the radio in between
contact attempts to conserve power.

Manuel continued to monitor the repeater system and got a call from Luttrell
indicating “all clear” shortly after 2 AM. Manuel later received a text
indicating that the family members had connected with the distressed hiker
and extended their thanks to all who had helped out.
The injured hiker was hospitalized and required surgery and rehabilitation.

-- full story at ARRL news

4. ARRL Awards Colvin Grant to 3Y0J Bouvet Island DXpedition in 2023

ARRL has awarded a Colvin Grant of $5,000 to the Intrepid-DX Group to help in
funding its 3Y0J DXpedition to Bouvet Island, scheduled for Jan - Feb 2023.
Paul Ewing, N6PSE, and Ken Opskar, LA7GIA, will share leadership for the 14-person
multinational team. Bouvet is a sub-Antarctic island in the South Atlantic.
It is the second-most-wanted DXCC entity, behind North Korea.
The last Bouvet activation was 3Y0E, during a scientific expedition over the winter
of 2007–2008. The announced budget for the 2023 DXpedition is $764,000.
The Northern California DX Foundation and the International DX Association
are major sponsors.

The plan calls for the 3Y0J team to board the vessel Braveheart in Cape Town,
South Africa. Plans call for spending 20 days on Bouvet with 14 to 16 good
days of radio activity. The team will make best use of propagation and hopes
for 100k contacts on 10–160 meters, with operation on SSB, CW, and digital modes.

Visit the 3Y0J website for more information and to make a donation.

--ARRL News

This concludes this week's bulletin.

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