RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for March 27th, 2021


1. Quebec Parks on the Air 2021

Sponsored by Fédération des clubs radioamateurs du Québec ( RAQI )
Dates:  Thursday, April 1, 2021 to Friday, December 31, 2021
Location:  National and regional parks in Quebec or at home qth
Description:  To promote Amateur Radio portable operation creating activity
    on the air from as many of the officially listed parks of Quebec.
    Also we need people from their home QTH to chase these activations.
info:  soon http://qcpota.ca/ (not active yet)
Webpage:  https://www.qsl.net/ve2pij/quebec/qcpota.ca/index.html

2.  RAC Online Basic Amateur Radio Course: Spring 2021

Registration for the Spring 2021 Basic Qualification Course is now underway on
our registration page at the following link:

Amateur Radio Basic and Advanced Qualification courses are also now being provided
both online and in person by Canadian Amateur Radio Clubs and organizations.
Please visit the Amateur Radio Courses webpage for more information at the
link provided below.


-- Glenn MacDonell, VE3XRA, RAC President and Chair



3. QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo Experiences Technical Issues, On-Demand Access Opens

The QSO Today Virtual Ham Expo attracted thousands of participants over the
March 13 – 14 weekend. Taking a different tack than it did for its inaugural event
last August, the expo leveraged the capabilities of two virtual event platforms to
increase interaction among attendees, speakers, and exhibitors.
All did not go smoothly, however.

“Unfortunately, we had many technical issues with the Airmeet presentations and the
integration of the vFairs and Airmeet platforms,” expo chairman Eric Guth,
4Z1UG/WA6IGR, explained afterward in a message to participants.

The expo announced on Wednesday, March 17, that 80 presentations had already been
added to the platform for on-demand viewing.

-- full article at arrl news

4. Police report white supremacists and conspiracy theorists are attacking cell towers

According to reports, conspiracy theorists and far-right white supremacist groups
are increasingly targeting cellphone towers and other critical infrastructure
to incite fear, disrupt essential services, and cause economic damage within the
United States and abroad.

An incident was tied to the 5G conspiracy theory, which claims without evidence
that the electromagnetic waves put out by 5G towers are harming peoples'
immune systems and are responsible for the coronavirus pandemic.

The Intercept obtained a document from the Department of Homeland Security
that revealed intelligence reports about vandals targeting cell towers in New York,
West Virginia and Tennessee on the day of and before the insurrection on the
United States Capitol in January.

-- full article at southgate radio news

This concludes this week's bulletin.

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Posted by: Paul Caccamo <va3pc @ rac.ca>