RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for Feb 27th, 2021


1. Radio hams help in Texas

ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES) and American Red Cross volunteers
joined forces in Texas under the ARRL/Red Cross memorandum of understanding.

The Red Cross formally requested an ARES activation in Texas to address the
effects of the natural disaster, which included a lack of drinking water,
power outages, fuel shortages, and frozen plumbing among others. Red Cross
in Central Texas supported more than 60 warming shelters at the request
of governmental agencies.

ARES made a special effort to use Winlink email over radio to get reports of
infrastructure problems and unmet needs and to communicate information about
warming centers. Winlink operators attending local nets and passing on
information was the most valuable contribution in this unusual and unprecedented
disaster. Some ARES teams, especially in counties that are still suffering,
may be active with other served agencies.

An early report from Texas Hill Country concerned infrastructure failures in
public service communication towers, which affected 911 calls in Mason County.
This was followed by loss of cell towers in nearby counties. Those early reports
gave an idea of what was happening, and that was the beginning of the
power failure escalation in Texas.

-- Read the full ARRL story at

2. Speaking of Winlink - Short Videos Help New And Experienced Operators

To help Winlink's newbies overcome software fright when operating Winlink
Express for the first time, California ARES created a series of 24 short
videos to help newcomers find the right button to click in the Express
software menus. The topics of the short videos range in difficulty from
simple, such as sending a Winlink email to a Gmail account, to challenging,
such as using software tools to locate a neighbor operating in the vicinity.

The 24 videos range in length from one to five minutes and cover the tasks
that a deployed operator might be expected to accomplish in the field.

The videos provide tips for creating neatly-formatted, automatically-generated
ICS Form 309 Comm Logs which are impressive documents to turn over to a
Served Agency as soon as an exercise concludes.

-- check out the winlink.org website for information



3.   German radio hams tackling RF noise pollution

DARC reports 35 Electrical Noise Area Monitoring Systems (ENAMS) have been
delivered and another 20 locations are sought as part of the effort to monitor
the interference from human-made noise on the HF bands.

ENAMS is based on nationwide installed measuring stations that work as a network.
With their help, the DARC can make scientifically reliable statements about
interference levels on the amateur frequencies. As is well known, the interference has
increased in recent years, as various consumer devices drive up the noise level.

The ENAMS project was funded by the DARC Membership Pro in 2018.
 ENAMS info at:  https://www.darc.de/der-club/referate/emv/enams/
-- southgate news

4. Special Event Callsigns VK100AF and VI100AF

The Royal Australian Air Force was formed on 31st March 1921, to mark this Centenary
the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) will be celebrating with two call signs:
VK100AF from 1st March to 31st August 2021, which will be used by a team
of Radio Amateurs across the bands around Australia.
VI100AF from 1st March 2021 to 29th May 2021 will be used by Radio Amateurs that are
either current or veteran military personnel and some activities may be from military bases
-- full article at Southgate News

Posted by: Paul Caccamo <va3pc @ rac.ca>