Field Day 2019

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Public Service / Amateur Radio Emergency Service Prescott-Russell ARC Participates in Field Day 2019 Submitted by Michael Hickey, VE3IPC Ontario East Section Manager.

The PrescottRussell Amateur Radio Club held its Field Day 2019 event on the weekend of June 22 and 23 at Confederation Park in Hawkesbury, Ontario. The event was organized by Alain, VE3TLO, Denis, VE3FBE and Mike, VE3IPC and included a 2A station and a Get-On-The-Air (GOTA) station.

The Field Day setup consisted of: a 6 metre, 3-element beam; a Triband HF beam; a Triband inverted “V”; a separate G5RV wire antenna for CW; and a dual band VHF/UHF antenna for the GOTA station. As shown in the photos. There was also a pivoting 50-foot tower that was pulled up “in one move” by a truck using the Falling Derrick Tilt-up Method – fully assembled with the first three antennas mentioned above plus a rotator. Lastly, a late addition to the tower afterwards was the Internet dish provided by IGS Hawkesbury, one of the club’s sponsors.

The two HF stations were installed in the club’s enclosed trailer – one for SSB and one for CW – continuous around the clock using the call sign VE3PRD. The enclosed trailer was modified for a “2A” station operation by Club President Jeff, VA3ISP and Dean, VA3OFF. A 10' x 10' portable canopy with a screen mesh was installed at the rear door of the 2A trailer. To the rear of the canopy was a 10' x 15' inflatable tent provided by Tulmar Safety Systems to the club for the Field Day radio event use.

This served to house the GOTA HF and the dual band V and U stations, plus the Public Relations tables displaying the registration log binder and the two RAC pamphlets, one on Amateur Radio and one on ARES. There were also some extra TCA magazines on the table, compliments of RAC.

The DC supply for all four operating stations and a few LED lights was provided by Denis, VE3FBE: four Lithium Ion (latest generation) battery bank, equivalent in power to eight “Group 31” RV batteries. The batteries were encased in a wooden crate with a charge controller, a voltmeter and a 3,000 watt sine-wave inverter mounted to the side of the crate.
Very heavy to lift! Two 300-watt, 36-volt solar panels were provided by Solar Tech Canada in Hawkesbury, and a long run of 10 gauge DC wires.

The Visitor’s Log for the event listed 27 names: seven radio ops and 22 visitors including the 11 club members who helped with the Field Day setup. There were also another five individuals who did not sign in for a total of 32 participants in all. Of this, 18 individuals stopped by for a visit including other Amateurs and members of the public.
One Amateur who stopped by was Humberto, LU1DNI, who had just arrived from Argentina and was chauffeured in by a club member to visit the Field Day site.
He was very impressed and happy to be there.

Other special guests included: Normand Riopel, the Mayor of the Township of Champlain; a newspaper journalist who became aware of the event thanks to a press release issued by the club; and a member of the County’s Emergency Management team.

All enjoyed their tour of the installations and for each this was their first Field Day visit. According to the PR-ARC President Jeff Dale, VA3ISP, our official score was 2,896. This result was brought about by all of the volunteers who helped make this a successful event.

At the debrief the following week several club members indicated that this was perhaps the best event the club has ever organized.