RAC Ontario Sections Bulletin for May 6, 2022

Official Bulletin Station for Radio Amateurs of Canada
with this week’s bulletin.


1.  Seeking Input on Possible Changes to DXCC List: Deadline May 14

The DX Century Club (DXCC) is Amateur Radio’s premier award that Amateurs
can earn by confirming on the air contacts with 100 countries. The DXCC Honor
Roll is earned by Amateurs who submit confirmation for contacts reached within
the numerical top 10 of the overall number of entities on the DXCC List.
There have been several requests to delete certain countries/entities from the
DXCC list because it is felt that the country doesn’t really exist (for example,
Scarborough Reef) or because the country is under such tight governmental
controls that DXpeditions are impossible.
As the RAC representative to the American Radio Relay League’s DX Advisory
Committee (DXAC), I would like to hear your opinions so that I can provide the
views of Canadian Amateurs to the committee. The DXAC has dealt with this
matter a number of times in the past and it will be discussed at our upcoming Zoom
meeting. I would appreciate it if you would please provide me with your feedback
no later than Saturday, May 14 in time for the meeting on the following day.
John Scott, VE1JS – RAC Representative on DX Advisory Committee
— RAC Website


2. Ham Radio and Operation Deep Freeze

This video about Operation Deep Freeze, codename for a series of missions
by USA to Antarctica, describes how amateur radio was used to enable McMurdo
station personnel to contact the USA
The amateur radio segment starts at 7:10 into the video.

Watch Ham Radio and Operation Deep Freeze on YouTube.
— Southgate Radio News

3.  Radio hams to commemorate Amelia Earhart’s transatlantic flight
Radio amateurs in Londonderry and Kansas will be on the air to celebrate the
90th anniversary of the transatlantic crossing by pioneering aviator Amelia Earhart

GB0AEL will be active between 13th and the 30th May 2022. The North West
Group amateur radio club station MN0NWG will host the activation on most
dates throughout the event and they will also be active from the field in which
Amelia touched down on her epic flight on the weekend of 21st May 2022,
see     https://www.qrz.com/db/GB0AEL

KC0VYS will be on-the-air from the Amelia Earhart Memorial Airport starting
at 1500 CDT (2100 GMT) on May 20th and ending at 1000 CDT (1500 GMT)
on the 21st. Details at  https://www.qrz.com/db/KC0VYS
— Southgate Radio News

4. QSO Today Ep. 398 – John Fallows, VE6EY
John Fallows, VE6EY, when faced with an urban HF noise problem, applied
his knowledge, expertise, and background from his years of experience in
amateur radio to find a solution.
This solution, was presented last March, in the last QSO Today Virtual Ham
Expo. Every problem leading to a solution has a story, and VE6EY tells it in this
QSO Today podcast. (Episode 398 of QSO Today)
Listen to the podcast
— Southgate Radio News

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

Bulletin sent from Official Bulletin Manager VA3PC

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