RAC Bulletin for April 23, 2022

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1.  Amateur radio featured on Canadian TV

Canada’s CTV News reports on a Saskatoon man who says ham radio lets
him make connections around the world. David Weigel VE5IV got back into
amateur radio and has been able to communicate with strangers around the world.
“It is the most ‘anti-social’ social hobby in the world,” he said.
Weigel can socialize with people from anywhere through his ham radio and
an antenna on top of his roof.  He can control its direction and aim it towards
a country he wants to talk to, but it’s never a guarantee. Weigel said it’s like
fishing, you throw a line out and you don’t know what you’ll catch.
Whether it’s someone near or far the hot topic is usually COVID-19.
“You’re talking to people that are going through it separately, but you have a
connection.” Many have picked up the hobby of amateur radio during the
pandemic, as a way to connect in a time where everything felt disconnected.

Watch the TV News video at
— Southgate news

2. 1943.3 miles QSO in 10 meters FM on 29.600 MHz

KP4NYC reports a very interesting RF propagation opening between Puerto Rico
and Canada gave the opportunity for two ham radio operators to exchange
signal report of 5/9. It was a great but too short QSO. Signal faded very fast
but while it lasted the communication was crystal clear and strong.
This was an FM QSO of 1943.3 miles in 10 meters frequency 29.600 MHz between
WP4KEY (Puerto Rico) and VE9GCS (Canada) 20 April 2022 20:52 UTC.
— Southgate news

3.   Extended hours for National Voice of America Museum during 2022 Hamvention
The National Voice of America Museum of Broadcasting in conjunction with the
West Chester Amateur Radio Association announce expanded hours for the museum
during the 2022 Dayton Hamvention.
The Museum will be open Thursday May 19th from 1:00 to 9:00PM, Friday May 20th
from 1:00 to 9:00 PM, Saturday May 21st from 1:00 to 9:00 PM and Sunday May
22nd from 1:00 to 5:00 PM. Admission is $10.00 at the door.
The WC8VOA Amateur Radio station will be available to operate during these times.
The Museum is a short drive from Hamvention down either Interstate 75 or Route 42
from Xenia.

Exhibits include the Robert Drake collection of radios and the recently restored
WLWO (W8XAL) transmitter. This transmitter was used to provide the very first
broadcast of the Voice of America into occupied Europe on February 1st, 1942.
A completed diorama showing antenna configurations of the original operation which
occupied nearly one square mile is also on display. Docents and ARS operators
will be available to enhance your visit to the museum.

For further information you can visit voamuseum.org or wc8voa.org on the web.
The Museum is located at 8070 Tylersville Road, West Chester, Ohio 45069.
— Southgate News

4.  ITU Celebrates 2022 World Amateur Radio Day
In recognition of World Amateur Radio Day, held on April 18, the International
Telecommunication Union (ITU) published articles and social media posts highlighting
various facets of ham radio. This included an ITU News interview with Philipp Springer,
DK6SP, Chair of the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 1 Youth
Working Group, and the article, “How to become a radio ‘ham’ in the digital era,”
by Nick Sinanis, SV3SJ, head of the ITU radio station, 4U1ITU.

Springer, age 24, earned his ham radio license when he was 9 years old. In his
interview with ITU News, he explained the variety of operating techniques and social
connections is part of what motivates young people to become active in ham radio in
an increasingly digital world. “It’s technical parts like experimenting with radio science,
soldering, developing, and building electronics, in practice and not just theory,” he said.
“Secondly, it’s [the] social part: we are connecting with other communities, meeting
radio operators from all around the world. Lastly, we connect with other cultures: we
practice foreign languages, visit other countries, and get on the air at so-called
‘expeditions.'” Springer is also featured in an ITU video on YouTube.

Sinanis explained that “ITU plays a key role in amateur radio by overseeing the
standardization and regulatory processes of the radiocommunication sector, with
special emphasis on its utility in emergency communications.” The ITU is the
United Nations specialized agency for information and communication technologies,
and the International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) contributes to the work of the
ITU as a Sector Member. World Amateur Radio Day marks the annual anniversary
of the IARU, formed in Paris on April 18, 1925.
— Thanks to Dave Sumner, K1ZZ

This concludes this week’s bulletin.

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