Our Repeaters

VE3PRV (Hammond, ON)

Downlink: 147.330

Uplink: 147.930

Offset: +0.6

Uplink Tone: 110.9

Downlink Tone: 110.9

Echolink: 204883

VA3PRA (Alfred, ON)

 Downlink: 145.470

Uplink: 144.870

Offset: -0.6MHZ

Uplink Tone: 110.9

Downlink Tone:



Downlink: 443.500

Uplink: 448.500

Offset: +5.0MHZ

Uplink Tone: 110.9

Downlink Tone


VE3PRV (DMR) (Hammond, ON)

Downlink: 442.850

Uplink: 447.850

Offset: +5.0MHZ

Color Code: 1

Time Slot1: Quebec TG

Time Slot 2: Dynamic *


(Coming  Soon)


Downlink: 146.805

Uplink: 146.205

Offset: -0.6MHZ

Uplink Tone: 100

Downlink Tone: 100


* What is a Static Talkgroup?

A static talkgroup is one that is permanently activated on a particular timeslot by the repeater sysop. This type of static assignment passes ALL traffic from the DMR network over the air on the timeslot it is assigned to

For example, if a statewide talkgroup is assigned to the local repeater on timeslot 1, anytime someone keys that talkgroup on the network, regardless of where they are, the audio will be retransmitted locally.

In simple terms, this networks many repeaters together full-time for that particular talkgroup.

* What is a Dynamic Talkgroup?

Dynamic talkgroups assignments are used for temporary activation on a timeslot on a particular repeater. This type of talkgroup functions for a set amount of time AFTER a local repeater user activates it by transmitting on a repeater using that talkgroup in their radio. When the timer expires and no local user has keyed up again for a set amount of timeā€¦ the timeslot and the talkgroup and release and the repeater is again open only to the talkgroups that remain static.

For example, if you are traveling in Colorado and wish to talk to a friend back home in Missouri, you could key up the Missouri talkgroup on a Colorado repeater that allows dynamic talkgroups and make a call on repeaters at home that have the Missouri talkgroup set as static. When you are done with your conversation, the dynamic timer will expire and the Colorado repeater will go back to normal.